Bridge 102

Bridge 102
Bridge 102 Profile Amsterdam


Official namen/a
Official numberBRU0102
Running alongEerste Looiersdwarsstraat
Running overLooiersgracht
Owner/operatorDienst Binnenstad


Although classed as a city monument by the Department of Infrastructure, Traffic and Transport, Bridge 102 does not have an official name. With a length of 12 metres and a width of just over two metres, it’s true that this bridge is somewhat overshadowed by its better-known cousins on the Nine Streets to the east. Bridge 102, however, carries a monumental feeling that is characteristic of some of the best bridges in Amsterdam. Well-kept flower boxes line the handrails year-round, and the canal-side streets make for a peaceful shortcut if you’re heading into the city or back out west.

It’s thought that a bridge has spanned this central part of the Looiersgracht since as early as 1795, but Bridge 102 in its current form – wood with steel girders, complemented by forged handrails that extend to the quays – opened in 1886. It was restored in 1960, with the renovation staying true to the original 19th-century design.

Looiersgracht itself translates as Tanners Canal. It was dug out in 1612, and its name reflects the large number of tanneries that were located in the area at that time.

Bridge 102 Amsterdam

Bridge 102 Amsterdam

Bridge 102 Amsterdam

Bridge 102 Amsterdam

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